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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

God Never Shows Up Late

Have you ever said something like, "God, if you don't help me by 5 PM Wednesday, my whole world will end. You just can't be late on this one!" Then, the time comes and goes without any intervention from God. Your world didn't end. So you say, "OK God, if you don't help me by . . . ."

Has it ever occurred to you that God doesn't carry a watch? He never wonders what time it is. He never hesitates in what He should do. He never counsels with others to weigh His decisions. He knows when He should act and when He should remain silent or give encouragement instead or act in any other way other than the way you have told Him He must act. We don't call Him God for nothing, do we?

I have often though that I was being faithful and following Him with all my might and deserved some extra help from Him to get through a tough time when He would have nothing of my demands. He made me go through much more than I thought I was capable and carried me when I couldn't take another step.

I often think worrying will help. I must think it will help or I wouldn't do so much of it. I worry that God will not arrive in time- something that He has never failed to do before. I worry that He isn't aware of my situation- something that has absolutely no basis. I worry that He can't fix my problem- something that is purely impossible for He can do all things. I worry that He won't come to help me- something that will never happen. He always comes to help- just not in the way I have told Him to.

Sometimes it isn't about me at all. Sometimes its about the people around me. They may need to see true faith that perseveres through tough times. My circumstances may be tied into theirs. God may be teaching others something and I may be a part of it. Remember, Moses had to walk along with the rest of the people for forty years even though he hadn't been a part of the rebellion. God used him to form a people through the lessons learned in the wilderness.

Yet, God does show up. It is always at the very moment that He must. He does not show up a moment too soon. In fact, He seems to miss a lot of opportunities to show up early. He allows the circumstance to reach its maximum benefit. He brings my universe back from chaos. He puts order back into everything.

And I praise Him again.

Until the next problem arises.

Then, I think worrying will help.

When will I learn?

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