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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Have You Dissed Any Dogs Today?

Let's be plain and simple: There are some people that are not worth your time. Even Jesus said they weren't worth your time.

He said that we shouldn't give what is holy to dogs and not cast our pearls before swine. This clearly means we should not spend valuable resources on some people regardless of what you say is holy or is as valuable as pearls.

Every church has someone who takes up more than his fair share of resources without ever really getting back on his feet. He (or she) always has a serious prayer concern or a financial need or a pain that must be corrected. The church comes forward with counseling, money and a listening ear. This person will keep the church from reaching other people.

Obviously, the church and Christians need to help those in need. Neither I nor Jesus was telling Christians to turn a blind eye toward needs. The problem comes when this is person is never helped. This person always has a good excuse why things haven't gotten better. None of his problems are cause by his own volition. Therefore, you must help them because bad things have happened to this good person.

For me, that which is holy is the day I have before me. It is the day that the Lord has made. I have the same number of minutes as everyone. They are like pearls to me. I do not need to waste one of them on any day. When I am spending time with someone who won't be helped I cannot prepare myself for worship. I cannot share the gospel with someone who will be helped. I cannot counsel, encourage or instruct someone who really needs it. I have a responsibility of stewardship for my time.

For some reason I feel often feel guilty when I tell someone I must do something other than talk with them. I even feel guilty when I have an appointment made by someone else. I know I want to give each person the honor due them as one beloved by God. I also know that I cannot cast my pearls before swine. I have a conflict in which is broken by doing what God tells me to do. It is difficult for me.

I'll bet you can name someone right now that has taken an inordinate amount of your time. They have wasted your minutes because they have never been helped by the time you have given them.

It is time to say," I am sorry but I cannot talk with you any longer. I have something that I must do." We say goodbye, turn and leave. Do this enough and they will attach themselves to someone else. They will find that compassionate soul, who like you, will give them an inordinate amount of time.

Do not give what is holy to dogs nor cast your pearls before swine.


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