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Sunday, June 7, 2009

When a Person Says They Don't Believe in Organized Religion

A father and son are driving through Amish Country when they pass one of the locals driving his horse and buggy down the street.

The son turns to his father and says, "Dad, why don't these people drive cars like the rest of us?"

"O, " replies the father, "they don't believe in cars."

"But, Dad, " the boy exclaims, "can't they see them?!"

There are people who claim they don't believe in organized religion. It seems to get them out of all responsibility. This way they can claim to have faith and do nothing about it. We should laugh when they give this as an excuse for not being in church.

The New Testament is full of statements about the church being an organized group of believers. They met together and were admonished for failing to do so. They had patterns of worship described. Acts records the calling of the first deacons so that the church could be more organized. Paul writes to Timothy about the organization of the church. There are qualifications for elders and deacons. The church was clearly a local organization of baptized believers whose purpose was to worship, grow in God's word, pray, encourage and evangelize.

Being a part of a local church was so important that the threat of removal from membership would be a deterrent for continuing in sin. The church is vital to the spiritual life of the believer.

It is clearly not biblical to say that you are a fine Christian but will not be a part of a local church. The evidence is overwhelming that each believer was expected to be involved in a local church.

When a person tells you that they don't believe in organized religion ask them if they believe in the Bible. The Bible doesn't have a place for believers who don't believe in organized religion.

Let's admit it. The real reason someone says that they don't believe in organized religion is because this is a convenient excuse to say that they are spiritual without having anything to back it up. A church puts boundaries around individuals. A church says, "This is what we believe." Your membership indicates it is what you believe. A church is an outlet for true ministry. It is a body of people who will hold you accountable. It is an encouragement when you are down. It is a people who will support you through tough times. It is essential to your Christian growth.

Find a church that believes in the Lord Jesus Christ. It has a pastor who believes in Him and His Word. It has a people who will love you and a people you can love. It has a mission to win the world to Christ. It emphasizes prayer and claims the power of Jesus over anything that can come against you. It worships our Lord.

The next time someone tells you that they don't believe in organized religion, explain the need for church. Tell your own testimony of the local group of God's people you have joined.

And . . .thank God for your church.

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