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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Who Knows What Will Happen in 2009?

The prognosticators are in full season. A new year and new predictions come abundantly. People gather around with eagerness to prepare themselves for the predicted events. I, personally, think it is silly.

Yes, I am a pastor and know there is something called prophecy. Yes, I know that many events in the Bible were predicted by men and they came to pass. Yes, I know there are several things yet to come. But, no, I don't listen to these self proclaimed prophets.

The prophecies of the Bible were understood much better after the events than before. The prophecies concerning Jesus' birth would have assured that everyone believed in Him if the scholars had understood the prophecies. Yet, they didn't understand and He was rejected.

The mystics who claim they can predict do so with wide interpretations. They speak of disasters and great events. Afterward, they count on people applying an event to their prediction. If you shoot with a shotgun, you are bound to hit something.

Most people don't hold this prognosticators accountable. Who remembers what was predicted for 2008? No one keeps up with this so that they can only point out when they are right.

People are fascinated with predictions anyway. Don't we watch the weather report each night? Do we hold the meteorologists accountable? No, they are right enough for us to keep watching. The only professionals who are wrong more often are economists.

I do not believe that we are along for the ride. I believe we participate in the events of our day. Yes, there will be events that I can do nothing about. I can't prevent a hurricane or an earthquake. I can pray to God. He can change these events. (Actually, I wonder why more people haven't thought about going to Him about the economy.)

I have found that luck has a lot to do with the events in my life. The harder I work, the luckier I get. The more I am obedient to God's will, the better my life has become.

So, I have some predictions for 2009.

I predict that 2009 can be the best year of your life. I predict that following God in all that you do will result in a most incredible walk with Him. I predict that God has great plans for you in this year. I predict He wants to do things in your life that you think are impossible.

Will you challenge me in these predictions? I hope so.

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