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Friday, January 9, 2009

Tim Tebow's Help from Above

I am a Big 12 fan. I wanted Oklahoma to win the National Championship. I thought the Sooners were unstoppable. No one could play in their league. However, I'm wondering if God had other plans.

I am sure that God watches football. He watches everything. I also think He is a fan. He is everyone's fan. I can't help but believe that He helps Tim Tebow be Tim Tebow.

Tebow had Phil. 4:13 under his eyes during one recent game. That says, "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." Florida won that game. I wondered, "Does Tebow use this like a superstitious icon?" I don't know anyone's heart but I have believed a lot of players point up or cross superstitiously rather than really giving God the glory for what has happened. Many do not have a Christian walk that supports their "faith-like" actions. It's just superstition as far as I'm concerned.

Last night Tebow had John 3:16 under his eyes. I said, "Why John 3:16? How can I root for Oklahoma now?" I was prepared for Phil 4:13 but not John 3:16. It is the central verse for the Christian faith. It speaks of God's love, sacrifice and desire that people have eternal life.

There was no mistaking that Tebow ran like a man powered from above in the second half. He would not slide into the defenders. He put his shoulder down and made the extra yards. He got up and willed his team to play better and they did.

I couldn't help but think, "Is it cheating if God empowers you to play an extraordinary game?" The answer is, "No, because every player on the field has the same ability to ask God for help."

Could it be that Tebow merely believed he had God's help and played with a self-fulfilling prophecy? Yes, it is possible. I believe faith is necessary to do great things. He may have believed and God gave him no help at all.

Does God always help us like we think He should? No, He doesn't. Some times He allows us to fail to teach us something much greater.

What about the Christians on the Oklahoma team? Didn't they have a right to have their prayers for a win answered? No, none of us have rights to demand from God what we want. He does what is best. Sometimes the best for us is a "no" from Him.

Yet, last night I do believe that Tebow had help from above. The Lord says, "For those who honor Me I will honor." And this young man consistently honors God.

At least for now, I would say, he played with help from above.

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