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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sometimes, You Just Have to Get Over It

I have had things done to me that hurt. There have been people who hurt me intentionally and unintentionally. I can believe what they have said to me. I can sit in my room all alone and cry. I can compensate for these hurts by overeating or drinking. I can overspend or overachieve in an attempt to buy friends or impress people.

I can do all of these things and find that none of them will make things right. Therefore, the best thing I can do is just get over it.

I forgive every last person who has done things which made me feel badly. I choose not to believe what they have said about me. I believe what God has said. He said that I was precious enough to Him that His Son would die for me. He said He loves me and that nothing can take that love from me. My failure to forgive only hurts me. I can't leave what they have done until I have forgiven them. Forgiving lets me get over it.

Today is the first day of my future. No statement of inadequacies made by others will affect me. I choose to set my sight on the Lord and allow Him to do amazing great things through me. I can truly do all things through Him who strengthens me. My past will not predict my future. Setting my sights on His greatest lets me get over it.

My present condition is not final. I do not have to stay where I am physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, intellectually or spiritually. I have boarded a new boat and have sailed from the shore on which I was exiled. I will not say this is all that will ever be. The God who is within me has made me more than victorious. With that victory in sight I will get over it.

Discouragement shall not be my master. Those who believe their mission is to criticize are not prophets. They hold no power over me. Bad events in my life are not final. They do not keep me where I am. My God has the power to lift me high if I will just wait upon Him. My belief in Him will help me get over it.

There is something worse than bad things happening to good people. Good people sometimes allow bad things to rule their lives. All of us should say we shall no longer live within the circumstances of this world.

In this world you will have tribulation but be of good courage because Jesus has overcome the world.

Now, isn't that the best "get over it" statement you have ever heard?

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Tracey said...

Hmm... all these great messages on forgiveness this week (the topic at church this past Sunday as well)... maybe something I should be getting?