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Sunday, January 25, 2009

What If God Did Something Today?

Many people come to church expecting the same-old, same old. The expect the songs to be sung and the sermon to be given and everyone will leave to eat their fried chicken. It will not be special. It is just another Sunday. There's no real reason to get excited about it.

This is not my case. I awakened at 3:30 AM with the message I will give this morning on my mind. I had prepared the message last Sunday night. I dressed at 4:00 AM and came to the church. I went over the message. I didn't change it. However, I did relive it.

This morning I preach a message called, "God Wants to Talk to You." It is a message that God has been working on me for a couple of months. You can tell by my previous blogs because I have mentioned that I hear God and want others to hear God, too.

While I very much appreciated the book The Purpose Driven Life, this speaks to those with The Purpose Given Life. I believe God speaks to us for many reasons which will lead to us knowing Him and His will for our lives. The most precious thing we can ever receive from God is His word to us. Our lives are transformed if we follow it. God's glory is multiplied if we follow it.

I have a great expectation this morning. God is going to do something!

(I know that God is doing things all the time. We, or at least I, don't often notice His work. I am speaking here of something extremely special; certainly not mundane.)

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