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Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Hope from the Utah Utes

The mighty BCS conference team, Alabama, was convincingly defeated in the Sugar Bowl last night by the Utah Utes (Frankly, I don't know what a Ute is.). The sportcasters were claiming that Utah had met their match. They would not longer be undefeated for Alabama would mop the field with them. They should accept their fate. The BCS poll had spoken.

You know that commercial where the phone speaks for the person. The phone says that its owner didn't get that call so the owner walks right into the disaster that call would have prevented. Well, Utah didn't get that call which said they were already defeated before the game began. They went forward like they were champions and put Alabama away as if they were any other team on their schedule.

I was amazed at the way Utah handled Alabama. They sacked their quarterback a zillion times. They kept their defense from getting into any type of rhythm. They plainly "whooped 'em."

This doesn't mean that Alabama isn't a good team. It means that there are good teams that are not in one of the BCS conferences. It is a statement which says that those who work hard, set their goals high and don't look back can play with the best of them. It is hope for everyone who has been told that their education from a supposedly inferior college will not allow them to be successful. It says "keep going" to everyone who has been told that they would never succeed at their chosen profession. It declares that the judgement of others does not relegate you to failure or success. It says that the school of hard knocks gives you a pretty good education too. It says, "Don't tell me I can't!"

So, I congratulate the Utah Utes. You give all of us hope who have been told we can't.

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