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Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'll Bet You Know Where Is Frozen Over Too!

Today is a cold day for much of our country. It made me think of all the times that I said, "That will happen when you know where freezes over!" Well, this may be that time.

I suppose I have said that I would never do a lot of things that I ended up doing. I said I would never be like my parents but later was proud to be just like my parents. I have said that I wouldn't ever go back into some stores because of poor service that I eventually went back to. I said I wouldn't ever speak to someone who I eventually became good friends with. I guess final resolutions are really not that at all . . . even when spoken to yourself.

Since I know I am capable of any evil, I should never say that I will never do any evil. (Is this an oxymoron?) That goes the same for where I won't go, where I won't shop, who I won't call a friend, who I won't forgive. These stubborn attitudes are just going to hamper my life.

I always get up on a new day. I should make decisions based on the best information I have that day. Otherwise, I might be keeping a vow to myself that will ultimately hurt me.

So, am I never going to say never again? I don't think I can ever make that statement.

Gotta go . . . I have to do a lot of things I said I wouldn't do til you know where froze over and this appears to be that day.

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