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Saturday, January 31, 2009

New "Gospels" Will Not Destroy the Church

The desire to discredit the Church is amazing. It's hard to believe that everyone can't see the true reason for these efforts. If the Church is discredited, if it has been built on false beliefs, then all the morals it teaches are wrong. If so, there is more credibility for the wild declarations of new age thinking, no reason for any guilt feelings and a better reason to do whatever feels good at the moment.

It did not begin with The DaVinci Code but it certainly gained momentum there. Here, the attack is on Jesus. He supposedly married and had children and was just a man with some really good teaching. A man can be right about so many things but still not worthy of worship. It makes Jesus a person with an opinion.

Millions of people read the book. Surveys reported that many of them believed it told the truth. Dan Brown, the book's author, started saying it was the truth. Cable channels began to get the most obscure "theologians" to say it was true. I had never heard of them or the places they taught.

Last week one of the major networks had a mini-series called "The Last Templar." Again, history was re-written to fit the story. In it a new gospel was to be found: The Gospel of Yeshua of Nazareth. It would say that Jesus was merely a man.

My wife had Tivoed the series for me. The first night's premise and acting was so bad I deleted it before I watched the whole thing. My wife told me there was another night of this garbage. I don't know why I watched the next night's airing. The story ended with the following moral: having faith in something is more important than knowing the truth. What balony!

The Gospels were not written hundreds of years after Jesus lived in physical form. They were written decades later. They were written by eyewitnesses or people who had talked with eyewitnesses. Many of the rejected so called gospels which abounded hundreds of years later were indeed written hundreds of years later.

There are no extant copies of the original Gospels. Why would I believe that a new gospel which has been discovered would exist in its orginal form?

The first disciples believed that Jesus would return soon after His ascention. They even hung around until an angel told them to get about His business. They didn't see the need to write the Gospels because they thought Jesus would return any minute. His delayed return caused them to write down the story of Christ.

These original disciples gave their lives for Christ. They were the most devious, evil people who have ever existed if they were perpetuating a hoax. Who would be percecuted, tortured and brutally killed to keep a lie alive? They did not believe that Jesus was merely a man. Their own sacrifices reveal what they believed.

Yet, that's not my only reason for believing that there will be no new valid gospels. The presence of Jesus in my own personal life testifies to the validity of who He is. If you have read my past blogs you know that I have not only spoken to Him but He has spoken to me. He had given my comfort, directed my life and even corrected me on occasion. He is my God, my Lord and my friend.

I will continue to read the books and watch the mini-series and so-called documentaries which will reveal new gospels which will challenge our beliefs. Their facts are full of holes and contain no holiness. The effort to destroy the Gospel of Jesus did not end in ancient times. It continues today. Their effort to destoy the Gospel depends upon a people who do not know the Gospel or the Lord.

I urge everyone to do some diligent research from credible sources. I plead for everyone to consider that Jesus is who He said He was: The Son of God. I ask everyone to try talking with Him and see if they do not get an answer.

The Church is not in danger of destruction by propaganda. However, I am concerned for the individual.

Do you know who Jesus is?

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