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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Show Me the End of the Bailout Line

Its a scary time in America. The financial industry got itself in a lot of trouble. (I know the government helped them do so but they didn't have to bite the bait.) They asked the government for a bailout. The auto industry got itself into a lot of trouble. They got the government to bail them out. I heard the steel industry is asking for a bailout now. Where is the end of this line?

We are trying to create a no-consequence world. There are no consequences for any bad action. You get in terrible credit card debt and you can call a company who settles for pennies on the dollar. You don't pay your taxes and you call ex-IRS employees who will fight for you. You get greedy in the financial world and go bankrupt and the government comes to bail you out. And there's a pill you can take that will make you much slimmer while you sleep. (I have thought about writing a book called Fairy Tales for Adults.)

How do parents tell their children to study, practice honesty and work hard so that they can be successful? The children will say, "Don't worry, Mom and Dad, somebody will bail me out!"

This blog should sound strange coming from a pastor who preaches the greatest bailout there ever was. Jesus paid the price for your sins so that you did not have to suffer the consequences. Yes, I know I seem very hypocritical. But Jesus didn't save us so that we would be irresponsible. I believe total irresponsibility is will be the final product of all of these bailouts.

There are consequences for bad actions. Those consequences teach us and help us to succeed later. Irresponsibility teaches us to jump off the building because there is no sudden stop at the end.

What will happen to a society that rewards those who are irresponsible? Everyone knows the answer to that.

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