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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Objects Appear Bigger The Closer You Are

Tonight we have the biggest and brightest full moon of 2009. The moon's orbit is not perfectly round. The elliptical orbit makes the moon closer at times. Tonight it will be at its perigee or closest point. The moon will be 31, 000 miles closer. It will appear bigger but won't have grown by an inch.

This is, of course, the most elementary of principles. You hold something closer to your eyes and it takes up more of your field of vision. It doesn't have to grow to appear larger. However, we totally forget this principle when considering circumstances in our lives.

We generally hold our problems very close. We hold a bill we can't pay very close by worrying about it. It begins to consume us. We think about it constantly. The same can be said of an illness or a child who is hurting herself or losing your job or any number of things which cause us consternation. These problems appear much bigger because we have held them so close.

Other things appear smaller when you hold one of your problems up close. I guess its all about relativity. My paycheck looks smaller when I hold my bills close to my eyes. At least, it looks smaller than the bills. It distorts our whole view of the world.

The same is true with God. He appears much larger when we are close to Him. The other things appear much smaller when you are close to God. He hasn't gotten any bigger than before. His abilities haven't improved from before. He isn't more powerful than He was before.

I know you knew all of this. Maybe I needed to tell myself.

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