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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Zune Froze and There's No Reset

I have a Zune. It's Microsoft's answer to the Ipod. Lately Microsoft is losing all their battles with Apple.

This morning I turn it on and it freezes on the boot up screen. Nothing I do will get it off that screen. Microsoft failed to put a reset button on the Zune.

So, I got on the internet looking for a solution. I discovered that zillions of people had the same problem this morning with their Zune's. (I actually thought I was the only one who owned one but I guess I was wrong from reading the posts.) The Zune software doesn't like December 31. Zune's all over the world locked up.

This isn't the greatest tragedy that could happen. There are no apocalyptic prophecies about Zune's locking up before the end of the world. There are no terrorist groups claiming responsibility for the Zune lock ups. There does not appear to be any espionage perpetrated by foreign governments. It's just a bunch of MP3 players that won't work.

Maybe its a wake up call for all of us. We all need a reset button on December 31. Everything we have been doing that we shouldn't domust be reset so that we won't do it anymore. Everything we should be doing must be reset so we will do it now. There are lots of these things in my life.

I'm pressing my own reset button right now.

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