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Sunday, December 21, 2008

We Have Church on Sundays

We have church on Sundays. I know, that isn't a "wow" declaration. However, we have church on Sundays no matter what! That means you should never watch tv or listen to the radio to hear that Thalia Lynn Baptist Church has canceled services because of weather. We will have church unless there is a mandatory evacuation. You can count on it.

There are three reasons I believe we should have church.

It is practical for me to make it to the church. I ride a bicycle to church every Sunday. Neither rain, snow, sleet or dark of night can keep the bicycle from making its journey to the church. If necessary, I can walk. I have done that once, though it is not nearly as fast. I can do this safely.

I believe worship is the most important thing we do at church. It should have a priority. If a Christian can come to church, he or she should be in church. We worship together to be changed together. It has always been God's plan that His people should also worship together.

I believe in people. I believe that many people will do the right thing if given the opportunity. I believe they know better than I do if their roads are unsafe. I believe they know they should protect themselves and their families. I also know that there are people within walking distance of the church who would come to our church if they did not feel safe going to theirs. I have no interest in drawing them away from their churches. I just want to give them an opportunity to worship with a group of believers.

So, my rule is: We will have church. Protect yourself and your family. Do not feel badly if you cannot get here. Be safe but know that there will be someone worshiping at Thalia Lynn no matter what the weather.

I'll see you next Sunday, no matter what.

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