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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Your Trust in God Affects Your Whole Life

Something is always substituted for a lack of trust in God. If you don't trust God you may trust yourself. Your mantra will be, "If it is to be, its up to me." This trust may get you far. You will probably take responsibility for your achievements. You will make them paramount in your self esteem. You will think that you are grand when they go well and when they don't you will somehow call yourself a failure. This seems to be a miserable way to live. How do you forgive yourself when you have no basis for forgiveness? Do you merely look for final success for vindication? Yet, the one who dies with the most toys still dies.

Maybe you trust in karma. This seems to be one that is going around today. If you are good, good things will happen to you. I'm sorry but that means you must turn a blind eye to a lot of bad things that happen to some very good people. That means you must assume that these good people have secretly done some bad things to have such bad things happen to them. It also means that you are giving yourself too much credit when good things happen to you. While doing good things so that good things will happen seems reasonable, it just doesn't always happen.

Maybe you trust in fate. Things are going to happen no matter what you do. So, you live a mundane life. You buy a lottery ticket every week and think that if it is going to happen it will happen. You go to work thinking that keeping or losing your job will happen if it is going to happen. Your life neither has highs or lows because it is all a matter of fate. Why get excited?

A lack of trust in God may cause you to trust no one. Who can be trusted if the One who gave His only Son on the Cross can't be trusted? You may keep yourself at a distance from others because they can't be trusted. You may suspect every person to plot evil against you because they can't be trusted. You may assume that everyone is talking about you. You may lose those who love you because you won't trust them. You may even drive them away.

A true trust in God takes away life's anxieties. Any fear can be given to Him. Any uncertainty can placed in His hands. Any hope can be supported by Him. You can always trust Him because He is always loving. He will never withdraw His love from you. He is always all-knowings so that He knows what is best. He is always all-powerful so that He can always accomplish what He wants for you. His plans are for you to have a hope and a future. His desire is to be with you forever.

You can trust God no matter what you are going through. Give Him a try if you think you have something that He can't be trusted with. Bring it to Him and He will give you a peace that you can't explain.

Keep saying, "Yes, He will," until you say, "Yes, He has."

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