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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Living with a False Sense of Security

I flew to Texas yesterday. I will drive to Lovington, New Mexico to conduct my wife's uncle's funeral today. Of course, I had to fly. So, I had another set of fingernail clippers confiscated by TSA. It had a blade of two and a half inches.

"You got to be joking!" I told the agent, "No one could say this is a weapon!" Can you really imagine a guy taking on a plane full of passengers with a blade that is flimsy and only two and a half inches long? Common sense says this is ridiculous. This is the post 911 world. Pre-911 we told people to obey the terrorist and eventually everything would be okay. Post-911 means everyone on the plane will beat the fire out of you until you are subdued. We can't think that confiscating such small blades are giving us any security.

Its amazing what rights we are willing to relinquish to receive a sense of security. We don't mind being searched without cause or even having our personal belongings displayed for every passenger who walks by. We would rather have security before we have our rights.

I believe that is what elections are about. People are afraid for their jobs, their homes and their savings. They want someone who will make their lives secure. They want security rather than opportunity.

People have yet to learn that the world cannot offer real security. That is because the world is not in charge of making things happen. Believing that government, politicians, economic prosperity or any other thing created or controlled by mankind can bring security is only false security. It was not so long ago we thought that the economy would never stop, the politicians we needed were in office and the government just needed to leave us all alone. Our world was turned upside down, not because any of these tried to destroy our security, but because none of these things is in control of the world.

The only real security is found in putting your life in the hands of Jesus. He is the One who said that He has overcome the world. His security is eternal. It may not mean you won't be killed by a terrorist. It will mean that He will take you home to be with Him forever. It may not mean that you will be able to live off of your stock market investments. It will mean that you can be contented with all that you need as He supplies. It may not meant that you will be healed from every disease on this world. It will mean that you will be healed from every disease in the next world.

We put so much stock in what we see. We think that the appearances of security mean that there is genuine security. We think that this world can provide security. We work so hard for something that we can never really provide.

True peace is not found in peaceful moments. True peace is found when all hell is breaking loose and you have placed your life in the hands of the Prince of Peace. You will be completely secure and your earthly circumstances will have nothing to do with it.

The hope for security from the world is a false hope. The only real hope is found in Jesus.

If you feel insecure, don't look to the world to give you a false sense of security. Put you life in the hands of the One who loved you enough to die for you.

God bless you. Yes, He already has.

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