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Friday, November 13, 2009

Not Enough Faith to Be an Atheist

I just don't have enough faith to be an atheist. Though they claim to worship at the altar of science, atheist often exhibit an undeterred faith when science does not provide the answers.

Atheism must, therefore, be a faith system. It has loyal followers, has a method of worship and has beliefs which boggle the imagination. Science is god, Darwin is the son and evolution represents the holy spirit. The atheist takes a stance of faith if any evidence challenges a "proven" theory (by the way, a theory by definition is not proven). He simply gives a excuse which is also unproven.

Take for example punctuated equilibrium. This is the theory that says that whenever evolution is about the create a new species that rapid change occurs. Therefore there will be no fossil evidence for gradual change. It removes the burden of proof which evolutionary scientist established long ago. They claimed that the fossils would prove their theory.

The hunt for that evidence has been mudded by these "scientist" who claim to have discovered missing links in the evolutionary chain. Different "discoveries" have resulted in great claims of evolutionary science in which it has been proven that the ones making the discoveries knew they were false before they made their presentations. The evolutionists gathered to toast these findings without taking the time to scrutinize the evidence. This sounds a whole lot more like faith than science to me.

To top all this off, they continue to recite this false evidence in subsequent books. Therefore, the already proven false claim gets more credence even though it is false. The whole thing sounds like a Dan Brown novel.

What is wrong with saying, "I don't know"? This would be the answer without a faith system. A faith system needs something to believe and demands that this remain believable. It vehemently defends its stance before unbelievers. It often fails to examine alternate theories of what it claims.

I don't have enough faith for that. I believe that God has left enough mystery in the universe for me to never know all of what has been done. I believe time began at a certain time (an infinite past means we could have a never arrived at today). I believe that the universe is a cosmos rather than chaos because of a creator.

I understand (dimly) the concept of infinity in which everything is not only possible but assured. I just don't believe you can put a million monkeys in a room with a million typewriters and you will ever produce War and Peace (Tolstoy would be relieved). In fact, I don't even think they would be able to produce The Cat in the Hat.

I believe that Occam's Razor is the best explanation for most things of creation. I have never found a watch created by molecules randomly running together. Life is immeasurably more complicated than a watch. A creator is much less complicated in explanation and fits within everything else I know about creation. Most of the things I use each day had a manufacturer and creator. I never think that any of them randomly came together.

I grasp part of the Big Bang theory but even it creates its own unexplained conundrums. How could the Big Bang start time without an outside force? Wouldn't it mean that time has already started if there is an outside force? If time was already started, what happened before the force that was outside of the Big Bang? Think about this for very long and you will eventually start chasing your tail.

So, I admit that I am a man of faith. I admit that I don't have the answers of the universe. I admit that it is faith and sometimes lacks empirical proof. I choose to believe because of my own personal encounters with God, not because I have simply tried to believe. These are my own experiences which I cannot give to someone else. They lack outside proof. That is because they are experiences of faith.

I lack the faith to be an atheist who says he knows there is no god. You see, if he ever says he doesn't know, he becomes an agnostic. And, therein lies his problem. He must be much more steadfast to defend his faith or before too long he will be claiming that there could be a Creator. If so, he has lost his faith.


Cynthia Hampton said...

Wonderful post. I take it you have read Norman Geiesler's and Frank Turkek's book, I Don't have Enough Faith to be an Atheist. I have some Atheist acquaintences and I've told them before that they certainly have a lot more faith about their atheism than I do about my Christianity.

Prentis said...

Actually, I had never heard of the book until after I wrote this blog. One of my church members called me to tell me of it. It sounds like a great book.