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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Man's Vengeance Avoids God's Justice

So, someone hurt you. Even worse, someone hurt someone you love. You want to get him or her back. You want him to feel the pain that you feel. You want him to know what they have done to you. You want vengeance in the worst way. I don't know why you want to let him off so light.

God is a god of love but He is also a god of justice. He wants you to forgive so that He can fully deal with this individual. He may bring him to repentance. Repentance will include the recognition of all the pain they he has caused. He will feel that pain or he hasn't understood repentance.

God cannot be fooled with pseudo-repentance. You have seen this before. People will cry crocodile tears but are only sorry they got caught. Their tears are produced because of the pain they feel from being caught. They don't feel pain for what they have done. God will continue with His justice in the face of pseudo-repentance.

God will not give full justice when you get in His way. You will have administered your own vengeance rather than His justice. This way the guilty get off light.

God's justice is sure. It will be administered in this world or the one to come. It is appropriate. The person will not get off as lightly as you would have hurt him. God's justice will be fulfilled. It will not be thwarted unless you try to administer your vengeance.

I worked in a business several years ago that promised me a raise after three months. When four months had passed and there was still no raise, I asked my boss about it. He told me that I embarrassed him by asking. (I had placed a note on his desk.) He told me I could quit if I wanted. 

My first reaction was to do damage to the company. I could seriously affect their bottom line by telling their customers what had happened to me. God told me to leave this man alone and the company. He told me that He would take care of it.

Three months later I quit and went to another job. I simply forgot about the injustice until I went back to that town to visit. I learned that this huge business, which owned several other businesses, was out of business. This man who had treated me unjustly was getting his justice. He lost his job when the business went under.

I could never have administered that justice. My vengeance may have hurt the company but would have done little to the man who treated me badly. God punished a business which was not treating its employees justly. He administered His justice.

I learned then to never get in the way of God's justice. Remember, He knows when a sparrow falls to the ground. He knows what is going on with you. Forgive and go on when someone hurts you. Let God have the person who hurt you. Your hands will be clean and your conscience clear.

God will give His justice. That's for sure. 

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