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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Atheism: A Christmas Mystery

I don't understand atheism. Atheists obviously don't understand Christians either. They actually believe our faith has no basis for belief. They discount anything we say because they seek something which can be verified without faith. They believe we have superstitions which we constantly seek to produce statistical results. In other words, rain follows dancing under a full moon enough times to keep us dancing under a full moon.

The mystery to me is why atheists continue to oppose Christians. Why try to get the word "Christmas" removed for the season we are in? It is a very small number that is opposed to the word. I can find words which will get people more upset than Christmas. (Try the word "Obama" for example. Last year it was "Bush.") Are we to remove all words that upset people?

What was the reason for setting up a display countering a Nativity scene last year in Seattle? Are others not supposed to keep their beliefs? Are atheists beliefs so fragile that they must reinforce them with efforts to keep others from exercising their faith?

Atheists have a faith stronger than most Christians. They believe there is no god and they must reinforce it with a greater faith because they can be converted if they let their guards down. They know there is no way to prove or disprove the existence of God within the parameters they will set. They cannot accept what Christians say. Many times that is because Christians do make up stories that aren't true. Most of the time it is because there are plausible explanations for what Christians experience. Atheists, therefore, must choose to believe there is no god. They can't do an exhaustive research to find Him. They don't want to be agnostics (someone who is not sure) so they choose a faith in no god. Yet, they remain a mystery to me- especially at Christmas.

Why do they care what we believe? Do they think they are doing some ultimate good by keeping people from believing? If so, where do they believe this good comes from? Is it inherently inside of everyone? If so, why is there so much suffering caused by people who do not practice any faith? (Yes, there is suffering that is caused by people who practice their faith carefully but that can be explained. They believe it is necessary to support their faith. We are talking about faithless people here.)

No one can say this is good or this is bad without a standard being set no more than you can announce that the solution to a math problem is correct or wrong without a standard to do math. Someone has to set the standard. Who sets the standard?

Our society has gotten much worse after eliminating God from it. Many of our schools have become danger zones. There is no outrage or surprise when our elected government officials are caught breaking the laws they are sworn to uphold. Marriage has become a roll of the dice rather than a commitment for life. If faith didn't exist because God came down from heaven to live as one of us, it would still make sense to support this belief so that we could straighten out the wrong being created in the world.

It would seem that atheists would want to support our society if they want to see an ultimate good. It would seem they would foster rather than try to debunk Christianity. Don't they want our country to pull out of a recession? Shouldn't they want people to celebrate Christmas so that they will buy lots of gifts?

Atheists really come out at Christmas. It is a real mystery to me. I guess I don't understand why they care. . . unless they are afraid they may be converted at this time of year.

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