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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Answer to a World Without a Moral Compass

The greatest complaint of teachers in the 50s was that the students were passing notes and chewing gum. Do you think most teachers would jump at the chance to teach where these were the greatest complaints today? Today it is not uncommon for students to call teachers vulgar names and, after reporting this to their parents, have the parents call the teachers vulgar names.

There are certainly people who are godly left on the earth. The tendency, however, is that the world is getting worse. It is getting much worse. 

I could wring my hands and say, "O, my goodness, O, my goodness!" and think that there is no hope or I could do something so radical that it would change the course the world is on. It is something that has happened in the past which changed the way our country was going. It worked before and it is promised to work again.

There was a time in our country when bank robberies, rapes and murders were daily occurrences. In one town the people banded together to fight the miscreants and evil won. That all changed after this one thing happened.

What is this one thing? Prayer.

God's people prayed. They confessed their own sins. They stopped being ashamed of telling people that they were Christians. They sought after God and it was evidenced by their devotion to Him. God cleaned up the land.

One city had nothing for their police to do. They directed traffic for the daily prayer meetings. This city had sixteen policemen who formed four quartets so that the police department was called when people needed to have someone sing at their prayer meetings. 

These are not the prayers that start and stop Christian meetings. These were hungry prayers. They sought after God wholly. It started small each time it has happened and took hold of whole sections of the country. It was miraculous. It changed the whole direction of the country for years to come. There were social reforms, prison reforms and church memberships swelled. 

It seems so simple that God would tell us to pray and He would heal the land but it is still true. It isn't political reform that will do so. That's the politicians trying to get Christians to vote for them. It isn't educational reform or economic reform that will do it. It is humble prayer that turns away from anything that resembles wickedness. It is prayer that seeks God's face rather than trying to get something out of His hands. It is prayer that is heard by God. It is prayer that God is wanting to hear right now.

These prayers sometimes have a few people who can be noted as having started the movement but they are not about personalities. They are not about selling books are waiting in lines to hear some great Christian Bible teacher. They are just God seeking, God honoring prayers.

Will there be people who will pray diligently again? In some instances, there was a small praying group that prayed for years before the revival of God's presence took hold. They faithfully prayed and believed. God honored their prayers.

Will we be that people who will call on God to heal our land? Will we turn away from anything that even resembles evil and seek His face? 

I am sure that God will keep His part of the agreement. 

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