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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sometimes WWJD Is Not a Good Answer

The thought at one time was, "What Would Jesus Do in this situation?" It was supposed to drive us to do what He would do in the world. It was supposed to have us live moral lives. I don't think it applies to every situation.

How do we know what Jesus would do? Do we take what we know of Him from the Bible and try to apply that? Do we take what we know of Him from our own personal experiences with Him and apply that? Do we pretend that we are the physical manifestation of God Himself and lay hands on the sick with the full expectation that they will get up and take their sick beds with them? Do we go to funerals and attempt to raise the dead?

Take, for example, a man who is struggling with an alcohol addiction. His car breaks down between work and home on a Friday afternoon. He begins to walk toward home when he comes upon a bar. It is easy for him to rationalize what Jesus would do. Since Jesus came to the sick rather than the well, Jesus would have gone into the bar and made friends with all the patrons. He can rationalize that he should do the same thing when in reality he needs to keep on walking.

The question shouldn't be "What would Jesus do?" but "What does Jesus want me to do?" Now that changes the whole focus. The Holy Spirit has gifted each of us differently. He has called us into different areas of service. We are to act according to our gifts and the call we have received. 

We all have different weaknesses and strengths. I don't have any problem with alcohol. My sins are much deeper. I don't drink but I also don't mind being with those who do. I could walk into a bar and make friends with everyone. However, I couldn't be the person who watches certain movies to inform Christians of their content. I couldn't be the person who could intellectually takes on the religious leaders who attack those who do not believe as they do. I don't have the spiritual or intellectual fortitude to do so. 

Jesus expects me to work with Him in doing what He would have me do. It is a much more powerful position. I do things that I could never have done by simply asking what Jesus would do. I am doing things designed for me before the beginning of time. 

I have prayed for people and seen their healing. I have also prayed for a baby born without the necessary vital organs and brain function to peacefully pass into the arms of Jesus. Could I have prayed the prayer for the baby if I were going to act like Jesus? No, I had to ask what Jesus would have me do. The answer was full of His love. He said, "Give me the child."

I suppose WDJWMTD (What Does Jesus Want Me To Do) bracelets will never catch on. I do think it is a much better way of living. This question, if answered honestly,  just might change our whole lives.

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