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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where Is God Working Now?

We must find out where God is working if we want to join Him. The first place to look is in our own back yards.

What has happened to you recently? Make a list of the things you have observed. For example, the economy is bad. Your boss curtailed business trips. You have more time at home. Is it possible that God has a purpose for you at home? 

Maybe your work hours have been reduced. Is this the time to take classes to learn a new skill? Should you use this extra time to mail out your resume'? Don't squander what God is showing you. Consider what He is doing all around you. Look to see how you can join Him.

Many times we look back at our lives and see where God was. Can we not also consider what He is doing right now? Can't we ask for wisdom to interpret the actions around us so that we can do what He desires? Won't those things also include God's plans for us?

During bad times we should ask: Is God using this hardship to test me? Is He using it to strengthen me? Is He leading me away from something? Is He leading me to something? 

The questions are very similar when the times are good. Each event in our lives opens and closes the doors of opportunity. A torn ACL may close the door to an athletic career but it may open the door for coaching. A loss of job closes the door to your future in that company but may open the door to one in another company.

Sometimes you have to lose what you think you can't lose so that you can have what you think you can't have. In other words, the job that you couldn't afford to lose must be lost so that you can have the job that you would have never considered if you hadn't lost that job.

Sometimes God uses circumstances in your life to change your character. God showed me how I lacked grace in my own life by being in a situation where I wasn't given grace. I noticed how judgmental I was when others were doing the same to me. I wanted grace and knew that I wasn't giving grace to others. God changed me during this very rough time. I started giving grace because I knew this is exactly what I wanted for myself.

The way we view our lives is totally different when we look for God's fingerprints on the events surrounding us. He often takes tragedy which He has not authored to do good. He often takes what is considered to be an end and makes it a new beginning. Thus, He may take a divorce (that you and He both hate) and open up a new life that would never have been had. 

Look very closely. What is God using to get you where He wants you to be? What doors are being closed? What doors are being opened? Which of these will bring you and He joy?

God has wonderful plans for you. Don't miss them.

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