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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Want to Act Like a Christian

I just finished this morning's blog. It has nothing to do with what I am writing now. I clicked on publish and I was sent to a login page. I logged in and found that my blog, with the exception of the first couple of sentences was gone. I almost blew my top!

Acting like a Christian isn't that hard when you sit in church. What is going to test your character while you sit there? You can tolerate bad preaching and off key singing. You haven't put any effort into the service. You really don't have to worry about acting like a Christian.

However, acting like a Christian is hard when your expectations aren't met. You become angry and say things that Christians should never say if you believe someone has violated your expectations. You can be hateful. You can be obstinate. You can be a sorry soul to be around. You can criticize others and treat others with disdain. You can do so but it cannot be said that you are acting like a Christian.

I suppose the only time that acting like a Christian really counts is when our expectations aren't met. The only time you know a boat will float is when it is in the water. The only time we know who we are is when we face adversity.

So, I wrote this blog instead. It was really more important that I remember who I am and act like it than ranting and raving to no one in particular about my blog being lost. I already feel better. 

I am already a Christian. I want to act like one. No one will really know who I am until I face difficulties. Then, I can truly act like a Christian. Then, I will know that I am acting like a Christian at the same time others do.

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