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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Does God Take People before Their Time?

We had a spectacular thunderstorm last night as I started to ride my bicycle home. The flashes of lightning were all around me. The thunder was deafening. I decided to take shelter at one of the local hospitals and wait out the storm. I waited for about twenty minutes and things got much worse. I thought, "I would be home now if I hadn't stopped." I stopped because of my fear of being struck by lightning.

Did I have anything to fear if God is in control? 

God does not stop the laws of the universe just to make us happy. He has set lightning in the skies. He has determined the principles in which lightning will strike. He will let nature take its course most of the time. 

God uses our wise or foolish actions as He weaves the fabric of time. He knows all of our sins and our prayers before we ever know them ourselves. He takes the bad and the good to create His will. He knew Adam would sin and that Jesus would die on a cross before the beginning of time. He takes both into account to make history.

God also takes into account holding up a nine iron during a violent thunderstorm. Generally, He will not stop the forces of nature because of our own foolish actions. Foolish actions may become our time to go.

God also takes into account sinfulness. The girl who said she was a Christian at Columbine High School several years ago was killed. She was young and many would say she was taken before her time. On one hand, I would agree. On the other God, in His infinite wisdom, did not intervene. He often allows sin to take its course. He will not steal our will. He allows us to do incredible evil without keeping it from happening.

Yet, we all know many instances when God does intervene into the affairs of nature and man. He keeps the drunk busy so that he never gets to the car, He stops cancer in its tracks because of a praying church and He moves someone to write a check that will allow a family to keep their house. 

I believe in the acts of God but I also believe in being responsible. I believe God expects me to be responsible. I believe I should take precautions. I think anything else is abdicating my responsibility as a Christian. 

I believe in faithfulness. I believe in God's goodness. I believe in taking responsibility. I believe that God will honor faithfulness. I believe that God never takes anyone before their time but He certainly allows them to go because of their foolishness.

So, take precautions. Be wise. And trust that God has a plan for you today. 

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