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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Have You Heard the Savior Yourself?

Jesus met a woman who was avoiding most of the other women in her village. She was living with a man who was not her husband. She was the scandalous woman of the village that every other woman talked about. After meeting Jesus she believed He was the Messiah and went into town to tell the men. No doubt, the women wouldn't have listened to her. Her contact was with men.

The men met Jesus and told the woman that they no longer believed just because of what she said but had heard for themselves and believed that He is the Savior of the world. We all have to come to a place where I our faith is no longer placed on another person's testimony. We must hear Him ourselves.

I have met many church members who have never met Jesus. They believe the stories but never take them to heart. They can't think of anyone else who should be Savior. They agree that Jesus should be the Savior. They exist on a superficial level of faith. They believe Jesus is the Savior like they believe that George Washington was the first president. It is a matter of knowledge; not experience.

This is not faith. This is believing another's testimony. It is believing what many other people believe. It is giving in to the community in which they reside. It will not change their lives.

I have met many people who are active in church who never indicate they know Jesus. They serve on committees. They lead mission studies. They work in the kitchen and nursery. They are good people. They pray eloquent prayers when asked but none of these prayers indicate they personally know the One to whom they are speaking. I wonder what they think faith is.

I first believed in Jesus because of the testimony of someone else. It opened my heart to the truth. I put my trust in Him. Yet, this was not simply because of that person's testimony. I met Him myself in that testimony. He spoke to me. I heard His voice. (Not audibly, I'm too Baptist for that!) He spoke right into my heart. I didn't trust in Him because of someone's testimony. I trusted in Him because I had heard Him myself.

Have you heard Him yourself? Or is your belief simply based on the testimony of someone else? How can He be your Savior if you don't know Him? How can you know Him if you have never heard Him? 

I believe that you are reading this blog for a reason today. I believe that you are either called to share this with someone else or you are the person this blog is meant for. If it is the latter I believe Jesus is using this blog to tell you that He would like for you to meet Him personally. Would you ask Him to speak to you or send someone who will tell you how you can speak to Him? 

Hearing Him for yourself will change eternity.

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