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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fixing the Broken Egg

There is a nursery rhyme that says that you can't put the broken egg back together. No one even tries.  All the king's horses and all the king's men can't put a broken egg back together. The contents runs out of a broken egg and never can be put back the same way. Since you can't really fix the broken egg; you must build a new one.

Our society is like an egg in many ways. It is very fragile. Tinkering with the fundamentals of the society will result in a broken society. For example, the thought that all people are good changes how we look at everything. Some evil has made a person murder or steal if this person was originally good. Therefore, we must blame his mother, father, or another part of his environment for his transgressions. We must become an entitled society if people are not responsible for their own actions. It simply isn't their fault. They should be given whatever they want by those who haven't had these bad influences in their lives.

Take away an absolute right and wrong and the society falls apart. Morality will continue to evolve. The fundamentals of what make us who we are will fall apart with it. We cannot change who we are as human beings. Some things are wrong for us. They will plague our relationships. They will destroy our society. For example, things which were considered pornography are now defended as "freedom of speech." The result is that we have become lax in our understanding of what is right and wrong in sex. The freedom of expression has resulted in families no longer understanding that commitment in marriage is fundamental for the existence of marriage. Serial marriages have become common. Children from these marriages don't understand commitment either. The likelihood of their continuing in a committed marriage is very slim. The fabric of our society is found in the family. The fabric is torn and raveling away. (This is a brief and simplistic explanation. It is really more complicated but it stems from the fundamentals of right and wrong before and after marriage being blurred.)

Can we fix this broken egg of a society that has been shattered? The answer is, "No!" It is really beyond our repair. Nothing we can do will bring our society back to it's senses.

Does that mean that we should just go with the flow? Absolutely not! Something must be done.

You ask for help when you have something that must be done but you can't do it. This help must come from the God who loves us and has put the absolutes of right and wrong in our society. He knows how we will hurt ourselves when we violate His principles. He is the only one to change things. 

You pray when you need help from God. You place yourself in His hands to do whatever He pleases. You follow whatever He tells you to do. You profess that you are going to follow Him no matter what. You stop doing the things that are causing the problem. You ask Him to forgive those things. You keep praying until you get an answer. Then, you pray that answer into existence.

Our society is undeniably broken. Will you pray that God will build one which will please Him? 

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