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Saturday, August 8, 2009

We're Drowning, Lord!

That was the cry of the disciples during a storm on the Sea of Galilee. Jesus was sleeping. They were rowing their hearts out in hopes of making shore. The wind was against them. They had no chance of the shore and they were taking in water. Many of these men were fishermen and knew what would happen if the boat sank. The storms could be violent on the Sea. They would, most likely, drown. It was time to wake up Jesus.

He awakened and calmed the storm. The disciples were completely amazed. Jesus said they didn't have much faith. Was that because they awakened Him?

No, I think it was because they were amazed that the wind obeyed His voice. Most of the time they had seen Jesus eat, sleep and speak without showing Himself overtly as God. They may have understood Him as a great man. They may have thought His actions to be mental suggestions when people were healed. They were blown away when they were no longer blown away by the wind.

I wonder if that is why we worry so much. The economy is bad so we watch the news for a recovery. We wonder what the lawmakers will try next to get to improve our faith in the recovery. We worry about our jobs until they are taken from us. Then, we worry about paying our bills. We are depending on our own ability to row our boats through this difficult storm. We haven't awakened Jesus. Do we believe He can do anything about it?

When will we cry out, "We're drowning, Lord!"? We do so because we must depend upon Him. We do so because He can do something about it.

I suppose there will be people who do not believe that their situation is in the Lord's hands just yet. They believe that only comes after they have tried all of their own solutions. I believe we are always in the Lord's hands. We might as well start with the solution. Going to the Lord and obeying whatever He says is the solution.

How do you think the story would have gone if the disciples had gently awakened Jesus. "Lord, the storm is strong and we 're losing the rowing battle. Would you calm the storm?"

Jesus rubs His eyes, yawns and sits up. He raises His hand and says, "Peace!" The wind stops and the sea goes still. The disciples cheer and everyone gives Jesus a high five!

"Never a doubt, Lord!" the disciples exclaim. They go back to their rowing but keep praising Him in the process.

So, why is that not our solution too?

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