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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Has God Led You into the Wilderness?

I have heard so many Christian testimonies from the pulpit that have said, "And I asked Jesus into my heart. Everything has been wonderful since then." This is not the testimony of someone who is walking with the Lord!

Our commitment to the Lord does not come without testing. Jesus, Himself, was led into the wilderness after his baptism. His ministry started in the wilderness. He was led there to be tempted. He was led there to trust in His Father.

God calls us and leads us to what appears to be an impossible place. We have been called to a task God has given us. We know that this is what God wants. Then, the barrier of impossibility is placed before us.

Moses would seem to face an impossible task. He didn't understand why God would send him to lead the Hebrews out of Egypt when Pharoah would not let them go. It seemed each step of faith had a new barrier placed in front of him. The Red Sea, no water, no food and the complaints of the Hebrews. His faithfulness made him a friend of God who talked with God face to face.

God calls you to something and you immediately have a barrier placed in front of you. It seems that God's will is impossible. It may even seem that God is not near as He was when He called you to this task. You are being tested to prove what you will do. You are being strengthened by the adversity. God has neither forgotten about you nor left you. He is always near but He has placed this impossible object in front of you so that you will trust Him every step of the way.

I would like to have God send me the money in advance to accomplish any great building project. I would like to have Him send me more volunteers than I needed for any great outreach project. That is never the case. God calls us to step forward and, then, seems to make it look impossible.

You have one responsibility if you are in the wilderness right now. You are to remain faithful for today no matter the circumstances. Tomorrow may bring more troubles. Your faithfulness will draw you closer to God than you ever thought. You will give Him all the glory.

You will not give a testimony that says everything has been great since you gave your heart to Jesus. You will say that God has always been faithful. You will say so because your faith is not superficial. You can say this with confidence because you are truly walking with God.

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