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Monday, August 17, 2009

Michael Vick Doesn't Deserve Another Chance

Michael Vick is despised by dog lovers across the world. Many dogs were essentially tortured and lost their lives because of Michael Vick. He deserved to be thrown in prison.

Vick served time in prison. Some think it is too little time for his despicable acts. He fell out of the limelight of the NFL. He lost his income. Now, he wants to come back. He doesn't deserve another chance. However, I believe he should be given one.

There are no promises of another chance. We should remember that whenever we do something we shouldn't. Many times God gives us second, third and other chances when we have done what we shouldn't. God does not hold the repentant as someone who can't be redeemed. Confession and repentance result in cleansing from unrighteousness.

Michael Vick has been humbled. He has apparently seen his sin severely damage his athletic career. The records he may set will always have an asterisk which notes that he did not play while he was in prison. Vick appears to be repentant. He knows what he did was wrong and he is taking responsibility for it.

Imagine if God was like so many who think he should never be given another chance. They see what Vick has done as unforgivable. Thank God that isn't true! And as God has forgiven, we, too, should forgive.

I am not saying we should allow Vick to buy several dogs. I think he should rebuild our trust before he can ever own another pet. I am saying he should be allowed him to exhibit his God-given talent. I am saying that he is like all of us in that we have all done things we shouldn't have done and we have been given another chance by God to act honorably. He should also have that opportunity.

Vick does not deserve the opportunity. It is a gift from people who know they also have done things they are ashamed of. It is a gift from those who understand redemption.

Always remember that another chance is a gift. No one ever deserves it. It should not be squandered. There is no promise of another chance. Always act as if this is your last chance.

And for Michael Vick; I believe it is.

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