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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why Not Just Say, "Merry Christmas"?

A very few companies are afraid of saying "Merry Christmas." They want us to wish each other "Happy Holidays." I suppose these companies thought that these words were being preferential to Christians. Who can they be offending?

Jewish people generally don't mind hearing "Merry Christmas." They understand that I might even say "Happy Hanukkah" to a Jewish friend. Many of them understand our belief that Jesus is the Messiah. They don't agree but are generally not so upset with us for saying "Merry Christmas."

The truth is that surveys reveal that only 3% of the people are offended by hearing the words "Merry Christmas." People either don't care if it is said or prefer that it is said. So, why are these companies so adamant about keeping it out of their literature or their employees speech? It would be in their best financial interests to just say, "Merry Christmas."

I am speculating but I don't believe they are concerned about the feelings of the 3%. I believe there is a core value in those who are at the heart of the company who make a decision like this. I believe they see themselves as being benevolent and kind by rejecting the reason for this season. I believe they are clueless on who really is in control. I believe they think that God is impotent and has no effect on the universe. I believe they don't have a reason for saying what the season is about because they really don't know.

I do not propose that we boycott these companies. I would say that we should do the very opposite. I would shop there. I would make sure that I say "Merry Christmas" every time I went into the store, even if I didn't buy anything that day. I would say, "Let's send Christmas cards to the company!" Can you imagine what would happen if we sent millions of cards with the Gospel story to the company? Can you imagine what would happen if we overwhelmed them with love?

Saying "Merry Christmas" normally brings a smile to others faces. It stops them where they are and reminds them of the season. For some, it reveals the reason for the season. They thought it was about giving children presents. 

"Happy Holidays" doesn't say a thing to me. I might as well hear, "Here's your receipt." "Merry Christmas" gives me hope. "Happy Holidays" makes me think of the credit card bill that will come in January.

Why not just say, "Merry Christmas" wherever you go this season? Say it to the checker at the grocery store. Say it to the guy fixing your coffee or the wait staff at every restaurant. Say it to the person at the DMV whose kindest words said to you were, "Next!" Say it to the volunteer staff at the hospitals; to those who fill your prescriptions, to the checkers at Walmart who have been on their feet for many hours, to the agents who take your tickets at the airport, to the flight attendants and even to the pilots who have just had a hard time finding the airport.

Why not just overwhelm the world with "Merry Christmas"? Say it everywhere and say it often so that people cannot forget what this season is all about. And count the smiles when you say it. These words just might bring some light into someone's life.

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