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Saturday, December 26, 2009

God Is Bigger Than Your Biggest Problem

What is your biggest problem? It is your debts or your weight? Do you have problems with your spouse or do you smoke? Are there drugs involved or have you done something that will send you to jail if caught? God is bigger no matter what your problem.

The greatest difficulty in dealing with our biggest problem is believing that God is bigger than that problem. We will rarely listen to Him when we believe He is smaller than the problem. We will not trust Him if we believe He doesn't have the strength to do enough to get us through the problem. We will become victims of the circumstances of our problems when we believe God is not able to help us enough to overcome our problems.

But, how do you make yourself believe something that you have never believed before? How do you change your faith if you have never believed before? How do you get more faith?

Remember the story of the woman who was bleeding for twelve years. She had a huge problem. She had exhausted her funds. She had to be extremely anemic from the loss of blood. Her quality of life was at an all time low. Let's examine her story.

First, she lost her faith in her own abilities to solve her problem. She had spent all that she made to be healed and it had not worked. I don't know what treatment she had but she knew that it didn't work. It made things worse. 

You have already tried everything you know to do. You have believed in things that have not worked. Are you going to continue doing what you have been doing and continue getting what you have been getting?

Second she heard the stories of Jesus and wanted to believe He could heal her. She would have had no faith if she had rejected these stories. She found a new hope in this miracle healer. 

You have heard about Jesus but have not really believed the stories. You have tried to explain away the miracles in the Bible as a primitive people expressing what they do not understand. You have to entertain the thought that they are factual stories if you are ever going to truly believe in a Christ who will solve your problem today.

Third, she told herself that touching His outer garment would heal her. In fact, she said it out loud. "If I touch even his garments, I will be made well." She may have not felt worthy to have approached and asked for this healing. She knew it would be Him who healed her. Saying things to ourselves has a powerful affect on our faith.

You can say to yourself right now that Jesus will solve your problem You can say to yourself that He will walk with you through this problem. You can say that He will give you the strength to make it to the other side of this problem. Saying what you must believe will strengthen your faith.

Fourth, she went to the Lord. It must have been hard if she was an anemic as we must assume she was. Bleeding for twelve years would certainly have made her weak. It would have made her unclean so that she couldn't have gone to worship during those twelve years. That had to make her weak spiritually as well as physically. She pushed through a crowd that was pressing Jesus all around and touched His garment. The result was immediate. 

You can get on your knees right now in front of the Lord. You can come to Him. You can speak to Him even if you have never done so before. You may have a weak faith. You may have not been in church for years. You may have not prayed in years. God doesn't care. You only need to go to Him right now.

Fifth, she told the story after her problem was solved. This was done in fear and trembling. I suppose many people believe that those who give a testimony about God's provision are doing so without any fear. I have found that most tremble in fear before they give a testimony. Standing in front of people isn't the easiest thing in the world. However, it is necessary when God solves your biggest problem.

You need to make a commitment to share your story or you will never really have your problem solved. I have seen so many people lose their weight just to gain it back; stop smoking for years and pick it up again; stop drinking for long periods just to go back to it. You need a faith community that knows your story to help you stay in the place where you need to be.

I ask people if they are ready to give God what they have been unable to defeat. I ask you the same question. Do you have a problem so big that you haven't had any success in defeating it? God is bigger than that problem. 

Are you willing to come to Him with this problem? Do you believe He will solve it.

Mark 5:34 (ESV)

And he said to her, "Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace, and be healed of your disease."

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