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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Why Spread the Hate?

It seems the best way to be known in the world is to express your hate for someone. Bring suspicion on the person who doesn't agree with you. Draw parallels between them and history's notorious evil leaders. Paint a picture of the destruction of everything good and wholesome. Build hate around the person you are opposing.

This appears to be our political process. It is not what has made America great. It is happening in both political parties. Propaganda is spread through fictional documentaries and fictional emails. Both sides cry foul and continue to produce the muck. It is creating a stench in America that must be aired out. 

There is nothing wrong with opposing ideas. There is nothing wrong with pointing out the pitfalls of someone else's idea. It is good to have tension in making decisions. Knowing that there is an opposition makes you consider your decisions more carefully. It makes you complete the planning more carefully before you present it. The collaboration between different ideals often produces a better plan than either of them could have done alone.

However,  disagreements have now become personal attacks. They look for any weakness and exploit that weakness. Heaven help the person if he should stumble for the other side will be there to kick him before he can get up.

I am amazed how Christians are participating in this. Christians are spreading hatred along with the rest of the society. They are sending the bogus emails back and forth. I should expect those who don't know the Lord to act this way. I have a hard time when it comes from followers of Jesus.

Didn't Jesus say that we would be known by our love? That doesn't seem to be the message we are communicating to the world when we participate in hateful acts. Shouldn't we be calling for prayer meetings to pray for our leaders? Shouldn't we ask God to intervene in some bad decisions? Should we call on our Lord to help us love those who don't agree with us? Shouldn't we stop fighting fire with fire? If we don't, I'm afraid we are going to burn down our nation. 

What have we said we are if Jesus said we would be known by our love and we are known by our hate? We will prove that we are no longer a Christian nation.

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