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Thursday, October 29, 2009

White-Haired Baby Christians

The plague of the Christian church is Christians who never grow in their faith. They come to church on a regular basis but they are just as selfish as non-Christians participating in the same sins. Except for their Christian symbols which they place on their cars and homes are no different from the rest of the world. Sadly they believe they have matured because they have come to church and heard a zillion sermons.

Christians will never grow in their faith as long as they think it is all about them. They have not grown as long as they think worship is good only if their favorite songs or sung or that they have done their duty and no longer need to serve the Lord. They may grow older phsyically but they have not gotten more mature spiritually. They will balk any time the "meat" of the Word of God is preached because they simply can't take it.

The evidence for such immaturity is found in their jealousy and quarreling. Many churches find that their older adults are stirring up more troubles than any other group. They are demanding more services, thinking that they are always getting slighted by the church. They are contentious in meetings, throwing temper tantrums before they leave. They want things to be like a previous era which they remember as legendary times when they were the heros in their own stories.

While I have said this I must admit that there are also seniors who have matured. They are the staple of the church. They continue to serve until they are incapable of performing the tasks. They voice their opinions and even share their objections but you never think they want their own way. They simply want what is best for the church and everyone in general. They think beyond the days they will have on this earth. They understand the message of the Gospel and the mission of the church to make disciples. They are always on your side even if they don't agree with you. You do not see jealousy or quarreling in their lives nor in their actions within the church. They may correct you when you do something wrong but they do so lovingly and gently. They are generous and sometimes give beyond many others who have much more than they do.
So, what made the difference? One grasps that a disciple takes up his cross and follows Jesus and the other still thinks that the best life is one that demands from others. The first will mature and the other will never be any different no matter how often or long he or she goes to Sunday School, Worship or committee meetings.

It is not about you. It is not about me. It is about giving our hearts and our lives to Jesus. It is about denying ourselves, taking up our cross and following Jesus. Otherwise, you will never grow. You will always be a baby no matter how many white hairs you have.

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