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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Reluctantly Walking through the Stages of Life

In the beginning we existed in the mind of God. He knew everything about us. He knew our complete ancestry. He knew our moment of birth, our moment of salvation, our moment of physical death and all the parts in between. He loved us in the beginning. He had plans for us. He had blessings, challenges and works planned for us. We knew nothing about it for we did not exist to ourselves. We were not aware we were to exist. It was the beginning.

Conception came. When is this small one aware of his or her existence? We know he or she will feel pain. Is there some awareness when pain can be registered?

We grew in our mothers' wombs. It was a safe place. It was warm and had all that we needed. If we could, we would have stayed. Yet, we were ushered from this place to go to another place. Our journey continued with birth. We found an amazing world. We wonder why we didn't want to leave our previous stage of life.

We continued to grow in body and knowledge.  We became cognitively self aware. We knew we existed. Soon, we wanted our independence from everyone else. Sin came into our lives and condemned us. We had no hope within us except for wanting to live. 

Someone or some things came to lead us to our Savior. We gave our hearts to Him and we experienced a new birth. We may not have thought we could live the life of a Christian before we gave our lives to Christ. We didn't especially like going to church. We didn't especially like reading the Bible and we thought that prayer was a waste of good time. Now, those things are a part of all that gives us life. We wonder why we didn't want to leave our previous stage of life.

We are growing again in a different way. Our spiritual lives grow. We are being changed. We are not what we want to be but we are constantly making the journey to what we will become.

We love life. We love what our lives have become in Jesus. We do not want to leave this life. We want to stay right where we are. Growing in Christ and serving Him seems to be the best life we could ever have.

Our physical bodies get older. They wear out. It is evident that this tent we have been living in will not last. We cling to this life.  We wonder if that is exactly what we did in our mothers' wombs. Did we cling to that life until we were ushered into this one? We didn't know anything about this life before we came to it. We certainly know more about the next life than we did about this one, yet we cling even harder to this life.

The heart stops beating. The brain stops sending electrical impulses. We stop breathing. Someone says, "Let's call it." The time is noted. They call it the time of death. However, they are not on our side of the wall. We have just been ushered into the most beautiful life. It is truly beyond our imagination. 

We wonder why we didn't want to leave our previous stage of life.

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