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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Faith of a Doubter

Lots of people deny their doubts. They act confidently in public and doubt in private. It makes a lot of others think there is something seriously wrong when they have any doubts at all. It may pump up the spirit but it isn't honest. How can we overcome our doubts while harboring them privately? We need solutions to our doubts.

James said that the one that doubts should never expect anything from God. I think that is why there are so few miracles today. We are doubting yet pretending to have faith. But, God knows the truth. The result is a lifeless faith. It is merely a facade for our doubts. We search diligently for the faith of others to bolster our own faith. We listen intently to testimonies of miracles. 

This has caused the fabrications of amazing stories which have gone from church to church from the pulpit and computer to computer through emails. Most of them have some basis in fact but the miraculous part is all made up. Exposure has been detrimental to our own faith and for the Christian testimony. We appear to be a bunch of nuts who want to believe so badly that we make up our own stories of faith. 

Yesterday I got two bogus emails. I looked them up on I have told both of these people about snopes in the past. They have chosen to ignore verification of stories and send them on because it bolsters their faith. I didn't tell them that the stories were bogus. I have found that telling people to research the email before forwarding it results in them taking me off their email list. They want to believe these stories so badly that they will avoid those who question them.

Does God still do miracles? I think I have to say, yes. Can I believe that He ever did miracles if He does none today?

I don't think God has stopped being active in His world. I believe He still does miracles. I also believe that our doubts are paramount in keeping those things from happening. We can expect nothing when we doubt.

I guess my only answer is a simple prayer: "Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief." Here, I can expect the miraculous power of God. The first miracle will be the elimination of my doubt. I will have an expectation of God's actions. I will see God do things others will not believe.

Consistent prayer is evidence of my faith, as well. It seems that people only want an instant answer. God often tests our faith by not answering the instant we call. Continued prayer also bolsters my faith. 

I am not created to be a doubter. I sometimes doubt. God is ready to relieve me of my doubts. I suppose I have the faith of a doubter.

I wonder if there are those like me.

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