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Monday, October 5, 2009

Plans Come from Calling

Many people take each day without any plans. They show up for work rather than go to work. They endure the day rather than seizing it. In fact, the only time they have any plans for a day is when they go on vacation. Then, their days are purposeful. They often say they have to get back to work to get any rest. They play at their work and work at their play.

These people cannot define their lives. They exist. They try to get out of the way. They may know that God has plans for them but they have no idea what those plans are. They do not understand God's calling. They think it is for people who will become vocational ministers and missionaries. They do not know their place in this world.

There are those who have great plans. They plan to get rich or be famous or star in a Broadway musical. They work and plan very hard. A few of them achieve their goals. They sometimes find reaching these goals bittersweet. They are exhilarated to have reached the goals but they find they must make new goals or they won't know what to do with their lives. They are like a dog that finally catches his own tail. What's he going to do now?

There are others who understand that God calls everyone. He calls people to come to know Him. He calls people to understand the plans He has for them. He calls so that they will walk with Him.

They, too, make plans. Their plans are to follow in what He says. They are to follow the desires that He places in their hearts. They, too, may get rich or famous or star in a Broadway musical. The difference is that these things on this earth are never their ultimate goals. These are merely means to Him. They are acts of obedience. They are blessings from God. They are testimonies to the world. They are preparations for seeing God face to face.

Even ministers are found in the first two groups. Some come to work and go home every day at the same time.  Sometimes they do so little work that they have to be asked to come in. They have no passion for what they do. In my opinion, they should be doing something else rather than making a bad name for ministers. 

Some ministers are very driven but it is all about them. They want their names in lights and they speak of what they have accomplished. Top level leaders never talk like that. They know there has been grace all around them to have accomplished anything of significance. The praise of men is not anything of significance.

Who are you? Do you have plans for this day which come out of God's calling in your life? You may be a teacher or a software engineer. You may work in an office or a construction site. Do you plan to make this a day which will be obedient to God? Do you plan to make this a day in which you will see Him work in your life? Do you plan  at all?

The Scripture says that God reveals His plans to those who fear Him. Wouldn't you like to know what He is up to and join Him?

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