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Saturday, October 31, 2009

God Watches Over Us

Jesus said that God watches over sparrows and lillies. He said we were much more important to God than them. He said that God would provide what we needed when we needed it. Is it really that difficult to understand?

This has been the theme of the Old Testament. We see God in the Garden taking care of Adam and Eve. We see God taking care of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. We see Him come to get His people out of Egypt. We find Him in the desert with Moses. He come to be with Joshua, Samuel and David. There is no place that we find that God does not act for the best for His people.

Yet, we come to Jesus and He has to state that God cares for His people again. It is the theme of the New Testament, too. Why should they or we think that He has stopped caring?

Well, one reason is our very finite way of looking at things. We interpret God by what we see at this very moment. If things are great, God loves us. If things are bad, He has forgotten us. If we would step back we could see that God is walking with us constantly. We would see His love in taking us through tough times to get us to where we need to be.

Another reason we doubt God's care is that we can't see the future. We don't know what God has planned around the next corner. We should know that He will care for us but we doubt what we can't see. How much worry would we have about our house payment if we knew in three days God had a check coming which would more than cover it? How much comfort would we know if we were sure that God would bring our child home safely? Of course, we worry about the things we can't see.

Often we point to our circumstances to prove our points. We look at our houses, cars and bank accounts and declare whether or not God has been good. We often fail to consider how God is caring for us right now. We cannot see that God gives us exactly what we need.

I struggled with God over becoming a pastor. He told me He wanted me to be one but no one was calling me to pastor their church. I didn't feel compelled to start a new church. I prayed for over eight years day and night that God would fulfill my request. I saw people who did not have my level of education and experience get the opportunity to pastor during that time. I kept asking God why He couldn't give me this gift. I know why now.

I had a very difficult time several years into one of my pastorates. I came to the place that I didn't care if I lived or died. I wanted to quit but God reminded me of all the prayers I had said while I waited on God to provide a place for me to pastor. I kept going until God provided a way out. I know what I would have missed if I had quit pastoring. I am in the best church in the entire world. God has blessed me.

God tests our faith. This is not so He will know whether or not we believe. It is so we will get stronger. He often brings us to the breaking point so we will trust Him in the difficult times. Then, He can take us to even greater plans.

Remember these things no matter what you are going through:

God loves you always-even when you do things that are not pleasing to Him.

God always knows what to do for you and has always known what He would do. He will always do what is best even if you choose something different.

God always has the power to do whatever thing necessary for your best. He will act when the time is right.

And . . .

God is watching you right now. He knows exactly what you need. You may not be able to see it now because His answer may be just around the corner.

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