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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Is Love the Companion of Faith?

Last night I read the story about Jesus having a meal with Simon, the Pharisee. Jesus was reclining at the table (they didn't use chairs but sat on the floor). A woman comes up from behind and washes His feet with her tears and drys them with her hair. She takes a vial of perfume and anoints His feet.

Simon thought, "If He knew this woman was so immoral, He wouldn't let her do this."

Jesus told Simon a parable which said that the one who is forgiven much, loves much. He indicated that the woman loved Him so much because He had forgiven her. He then tells her that her faith has saved her.

Most of the time my mind is a dim room but occasionally the lights are turned up. I have never thought of love being accompanied with faith. Suddenly, I understood why some people agree that Jesus is the Savior and exhibit no real joy, have no need for service or have any significant change in their lives. Those who express a true love for Jesus can't do enough for Him. One knows the joy of being forgiven and living in His presence and the other does not. Love seems to be a factor in faith.

Why would Jesus say that the greatest commandment was to love God with all your heart or Isaiah speak of people whose heart is for from God who honor Him with their lips alone if love was not a product of faith? In other words, I believe and I love or I don't truly know what it is to be forgiven. I believe and I love or I don't know how to love others. I believe and I love or I will always be stingy with God in everything I do.

Think about it. What did Jesus ask Peter after He was resurrected?- "Do you love Me?" What did He say of those who loved Him?- "You will keep my commandments." Faith and love cannot be separated so that you can have life-changing faith without life-changing love.

Maybe I should ask people if they love Jesus rather than if they believe. The meaning of believe doesn't have to cross the line to true faith but true love always does. If you love Jesus you are being radically changed.

So, do you love Him?

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