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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Humility vs the Attitude of a Loser

Many people think that they are being humble when they put themselves down. They make fun of themselves, call themselves stupid, clumsy, ugly or any number of deprecating characteristics. They fail to see what they are doing. They are saying that God did a very poor job with His creation. These people may call themselves "rotten ole sinners" and believe this is what God wants them to call themselves. They are saying that God is unable to do anything with them. They are giving themselves an excuse to be a loser.

These potential losers cannot see God's plans bigger than they have right now. They can't see that God who made their mouths could have them speak for Him. They do not see that God who created their intellect could have them create something magnificent for Him. They do not see that God is working on them at all. They can only see what is in front of them and it scares them to think bigger thoughts. They are afraid of having their fears confirmed with failure. They are afraid that others will agree with them in their own deprecation.

Therefore, they will depreciate their jobs and their churches. They will make excuses every time you enter their cars or houses. They make themselves small and hope that someone will tell them that they are bigger than they are claiming to be.

However, their attitude will never let them get beyond where they are. They will be losers because they have determined it. They have judged themselves with their own words and condemned themselves with their attitudes.

Losers cannot be humble. They are thinking of themselves too much to be so.

Humble people do not think little of themselves; they don't think of themselves at all. Humble people realize that there is a power that is greater than they are. They realize that the plans that God has for them are bigger than they are. They are amazed that God has chosen them and they count it as a privilege. They see themselves as God's children. They see themselves as royalty. They know they have incredible privileges because of who they are. They can accomplish anything when God has called them into it.

Humble people know that God is always working on them. They do not call themselves, who are God's creation, deprecating names. They know they have sinned but they do not condemn themselves as sinners. They know that they do not possess the strength to be great outside of God's power so they give Him all the glory for the things He is doing in their lives. They do not condemn themselves to what they are because they know there is something better and God is presently bringing it to them.

I know that my God is big enough to make me better than I am. I know that it is He who is my strength. I know that I am wonderfully made. I am because of the great I AM. I am a winner. I am His.

Philippians 4:13 (NIV)
13 I can do everything through him who gives me strength.

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