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Saturday, July 3, 2010

God's Grace Surrounds Us

I don't deserve what I have. I deserve burning in hell. I deserve a life apart from God and anything good He has planned for me. I deserve to live all by myself. I deserve worries, hopelessness and despondency. I deserve all these things, but God, instead, came to me with His grace.

God's grace is salvation but not only the salvation which gives us eternal life. It gives us true life. It intertwines with all that we do and experience. It is hard at times. It changes us. It brings blessings and challenges. 

Grace is something that happens to us everyday. We may not even notice it. We may fail to notice His grace when one of our little ones is sick or we are laid off from our jobs. We may fail to see Him in loss of someone we love. The mundane days of our lives will all run together if we ignore His grace. We won't even notice that He is always working around us.

I watch God's grace and have never ceased to be amazed. I see people join our church and know they came because of His grace for I didn't deserve their presence. I didn't cause our church to grow. I am never more than a messenger. I have reached the status of servant. I am neither good at marketing or promoting. I don't even press the issue when I invite people to join. They do because of God's grace to them and to me.

I pray for God's grace. I ask God to protect my family. I ask Him to provide for their every need. I ask Him to lead each one to His grace. Prayer is a request for grace. God certainly doesn't owe us answers to our prayers.

Sometimes I think the world has gone crazy. It doesn't recognize God's grace so it seeks solutions to its problems which do not include Him. Each of these solutions becomes tomorrow's problems. Then, we frantically seek another solution. It is within God's grace to lead us. Our obedience rests in His grace.

Can you see His grace all around you? Do you see the path He has taken you? Are you simply amazed at the grace He has all around you all the time? Do you know what you have?

We either live in His grace or we falsely live with the disappointment of things we never received but believed we deserved. 

I don't want what I deserve. I want grace.

Ephesians 6:24 (NKJV)
Grace be with all those who love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. Amen.

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