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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Traveling at the Speed of Life

Scientific evidence suggests that the universe is expanding at an ever increasing rate. Galaxies on the edge are traveling faster than the speed of light. This, to me, is mind boggling. I understand the concept of the redshift of light but it still makes me wonder who is doing the traveling. In other words, if we are going three fouths the speed of light in one direction and another galaxy is going three fourths the speed of light in another direction, neither of us is traveling at the speed of light but we are doing so relative to each other. Thus, how can you really measure speed without a static point? (I know someone knows but I am so far removed from this stuff it might be easier to let be ignorant than trying to explain it to me.)

Life seems to be expanding at an ever increasing rate, too. Once it seemed like forever between our birthdays. We didn't think Christmas would ever arrive. Summers were long periods of time between our school years. Graduation seemed like it would never come. Pregnancy before our first children seemed like an eternity.

Our lives seemed to have sped up as we have gotten older. Our dentist appointments seem to be a couple of weeks apart rather than six months. Our children are growing at an ever increasing rate. We didn't think they would ever say their first words. Now, their vocabularies are larger than ours. Birthdays are dates which we wonder what we have done in the past year.

Life can run over you if you don't travel with it. For example, you can be left behind by technology. You get on that bus or you won't know what is going on with those around you. They will speak a language you don't understand. They will do things that you can't imagine.

You must get on with others in your life or they will leave you behind too. Your children will have lives of their own. They will branch out from your life. They will get far apart unless one of both of you work at staying together. At first, they really want their independence and you must give them a measure of it but you must do whatever you can to stay as connected as possible without truly interfering in their lives. If you don't, you will look up one day and realize that it has been years since you have seen each other. Where did the time go?

Life needs a static point which gives some measure to the distance that has been traveled. It needs this point in other to tell if those around us are getting closer or farther away. Time is unreliable. Phsyical distance will not measure how close you are to each other. It will not necessarily allow you to travel at the speed of life with another person.

So what is it that will allow us to travel at that speed with another?

It is love. Love that can also be ever expanding so that it will fill the space between time and distance. It is the static point and the dynamic expansion of love that allows us to travel at the speed of life.

It will be all that remains after this life has been packed away in boxes of memories.

1 Corinthians 13:8a (ESV)
Love never ends.

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