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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Living in a Small Town in the State of Craziness

Why are we in the this state of craziness? Why is it that a state can establish a rule of law that defines marriage as between a man and woman yet a judge can reverse that ruling? Does this tell us anything about the arrogance of judges? Does that tell us something about the political nature of the justice system? Is this an indication that we are headed toward greater sinfulness? How did things get this way?

The Bible tells us. Those who know God do not honor Him or give Him thanks. These two actions cause their hearts to become darkened. They no longer see the light. Evil hides from the light. It loves the darkness. Darkened hearts are welcomed places for evil.

What did believers do that did not honor God or give Him thanks? They continued to go to church. They continued to send their kids to Vacation Bible School and Sunday School. They continued to make all the Sunday night cantatas and fried chicken fellowships. They were members in good standing in their churches. So, what was it?

Believers did not understand that God is not to be placed first in their lives. He is to be placed only in their lives. God does not stand at the head of the line asking for our time and money. He is to be central to all that we do. Honoring God is not giving Him a portion of what we have. It is giving Him all that we have. Believers do not tithe or give because they see the long line standing behind God. They tell Him that He will have to wait while they get a new HDTV and car. He will be secondary to their needs. They say, "God, you know that if I have anything left over, I'll give you some of it." They throw a $5 bill in the plate and say, "Ain't I good today, God?"

Trying to place God first in your life is like trying to place your heart first in the list of all your body parts. This may explain why so many people are out of shape. Another body part will demand something that may be detrimental to the heart. The stomach may say that it wants to eat ice cream every midnight. The legs may say they want to lay on the couch rather than take a walk each day. The mouth may say that it really likes a six-pack every night. Things crowd each other once they are put in a line.

Therefore, the Bible tells us, that God will allow for people to unravel. Their natural desires will become unnatural. Sinfulness will be obeyed and honored. Righteousness and those who are righteous will be hated. Speaking against sinfulness will become a (hate) crime.

Is there a solution? Yes, of course but the solution is not easy. It demands something that will invade every area of the believer. It involves repentance and making God central to all that you do. It means sacrifice. It means going to work. There can be no complacency.  Wimps don't need to try this. It is life transforming.

Can you say that you truly honor God and give Him thanks? Can you say that He is central to everything in your life? Do you tithe and give Him an offering? Do you give Him thanks in everything or only for the big and good stuff?
Some believers have hunkered down and hope to wait out the storm. They think that they can continue to go to church and keep things just like they are. They can close out the rest of the world and regulate the amount of wrong that enters their own families or church.

They think they can live in a little town in the state of craziness. I think their town is about to be annexed.

Would you ask God to be central to your life today? Would you ask Him to bring light that will eliminate the darkness?

Romans 1:21 (NIV)
21 For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened.

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