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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Politically Correct Path

Jesus did not have to die on the cross. He could have taken a different path and been celebrated by the people. He could have thrown His support behind the Pharisees. He could have supported Herod. He could have tempered His teaching to be agreeable with the people. He could have appealed to the crowds.

Think about it. How popular would a person be who could heal the sick and provide food for everyone who came to hear Him speak? How many people would have thrown their support behind Him if He would have told them how they could be healthy, wealthy and wise?

Isn't that what many preachers are doing today? Are they showing signs of healing and telling people how they can have more money than they ever have? Are they being politically correct? Are they standing firm in Jesus being the only way for salvation? Are they saying that there are other paths to salvation? Are they soft on abortion and homosexuality? Do they preach that people should get married before they live together? Are they just being politically correct?

Some think that people didn't follow Jesus because He was enigmatic. They think that people didn't understand who He said He was. I don't think so. I think that people didn't follow Jesus because they understood who He was claiming to be. I believe they had heard that no one should claim to be who He was claiming to be for so long that they couldn't believe who He was. I think they looked at the crowds and determined that they needed to be politically correct.

Is that really different from today? Are people still being politically correct? Do they still look at the crowds who reject Jesus and join those crowds rather than go against them?

Being Jesus' follower is not any easier than it was during His day. Surely, few of us will see the physical persecution they would have seen but we shall still receive persecution. We may be ostracized or lose our jobs by our stand as a follower. We may have people slander us because of our beliefs.

Many people will kick Jesus to the curb when it comes to what they must do or what they must stand for. Political correctness will be more important to them than their relationship with Jesus.

The politically correct path will cause you to leave Jesus. It always has. Jesus is just not politically correct.

John 6:66 (Charles B. Williams Translation)
As a result of this many of His disciples turned their backs on Him and stopped accompanying Him.

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