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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The World Needs Jesus

I do not think there is any inherent good within myself. I have done good things. My good actions have been caused through the influence of my parents, teachers, coaches and friends. Each of these people were God's grace to me. The grace that God gave them came to me through them.

God's grace did not stop with outside influences. There have been plenty of people who have had God's grace with moral, Christian parents and solid communities who never come to know Jesus as their Savior. God came to me and pulled me away from my own tendencies. He gave me a new nature. He changed my environment so that I would know Him. He invited me to become someone new. Jesus came into my life. This act of grace is greater than all the others. I know that His grace is always upon me for I know Him.

I think of those who grow up in deplorable conditions. Their parents did not care for them. They have no influence which exhibits God's grace. Their community is in darkness. They are headed toward hell. They will be a part of creating hell in their community. They will be a part of shutting out God's grace.

The greatest act of God's grace is knowing Jesus. If Jesus could enter the communities of darkness light would shine again.

You cannot buy someone God's grace. You cannot give them money and send them back to those communities and think God's grace is going to change things. Many rich people are full of hell without any measure of God's grace. The problem isn't economic.

You cannot educate people into God's grace. It isn't that they don't know enough math or can't read that causes them to be full of hell. Many educated people are full of hell.

No, the change that makes a difference is Jesus coming into people's lives. We are fooling ourselves by believing that we possess the ability to change the world. True change comes from knowing Jesus.

Many people think that we should give the world hell. They will even yell that to you when they seek to encourage you to keep going. I think the message is all wrong. I think we should give the world heaven. The world needs Jesus.

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