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Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Prayer for My Pastor

I am a pastor. I know that I am not always right. I want to do what is right but I have failed at times. I need the prayers of my church. This is the prayer I would want my church to pray for me if I could compose it myself:

Dear Lord,

I want to lift up my pastor to You.

I thank You that You have brought him to us. Your wisdom is great. You have caused a donkey to speak for You in the past and You can cause our pastor to speak for You.

Our pastor needs holiness. Please help him see his sins so that he can confess them. May he do so without our condemnation but with Your grace.

Our pastor needs anointing. Please anoint our pastor with the Holy Spirit. May he be filled with the Spirit to prepare the sermons. May he be filled with the Spirit when he speaks to the congregation daily. May he be filled with the Spirit when he preaches.

May our pastor realize his giftedness and his weaknesses. I pray that we will fill in for those weaknesses. I praise You for his giftedness. You have and continue to make him into the man You want him to be. I pray that neither he nor we will get in Your way.

Our pastor needs to realize that You are in control. He often worries when he should let You take over. Please urge him to release his burdens to You. Let him realize again how much You love him.

May our pastor also realize that we are his blessing. It is by Your grace that he is here. May he realize the privilege it is to be in the middle of Your will.

Please give our pastor strength. He needs strength to fight off the words of discouragement some will give him. He needs strength to stand when there are those who will oppose him. He needs strength to work the hours he does for Your Kingdom.

Please protect our pastor. Protect him physically and spiritually. The devil would like to destroy him. Please bring Your angels to protect him. Do not let him fall into temptation.

Dear God, please bless our pastor.


Stop and pray this for your pastor. God will bless your prayer.

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