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Saturday, September 12, 2009

I'll Be in Church Sunday

A son said to his mother, "Mom, I'm not going to church anymore. Frankly, its boring and the people at church don't like me!"

"Son," the mother answered, "What you are saying is true but there are two reasons you should continue to go to church. One reason is that you are forty years old and know that you do what is right whether or not it is boring or the people like you. It is right that you should be in church."

"And the second reason is: YOU ARE THE PASTOR!"

Yes, I am the pastor and I suppose I have to be in church Sunday. However, I was in church last Sunday and I was on vacation. Even when I can't be in church on a Sunday when I take a group to Israel or a mission trip, I spend an extended time reading the Bible and praying. I always want to honor the Lord's Day.

Not all church services will thrill you nor will all of them give you a specific reason why you came. Attending church helps keep you from drifting away from the Lord. (It isn't all that it takes for I have seen people drift away while attending church.) Drifting away from the Lord is like erosion. It may not be noticed at first but left alone will create the Grand Canyon. You drift away a little each Sunday you miss church.

A very elderly gentleman who was nearly blind and almost totally deaf was asked by some younger church attenders, "Why do you come to church? You can't see nor hear what's going on. What could you be getting out of it?"

"Well," replied the old man, "I guess I just want people to know whose side I'm on."

Yes, you come to church as a testimony of what you believe. Others watch to see how you act. I suppose you also tell them what you believe if you don't go to church.

Tomorrow is Sunday. It may be cold, raining or so pleasant that you want to go to the beach. Your decision is very important.

Will you be in church Sunday?

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