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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Satan Reserves Special Temptations for God's Committed Servants

Satan tempts people to make God less that who He is. He tells us that he has something better for us than God has. Everyone is tempted in this way. But Satan holds his best temptations for those who will attack his kingdom and take those whom he has already claimed. You are very special if he has chosen you for these temptations.

He first tempts you to be comfortable at God's expense. The cause of Christ is being nullified by comfortable Christians. The gospel means nothing to people who watch Christians who never sacrifice their own comforts for the gospel. Sacrifice for the cause of Christ promotes Christianity much better than telling people how easy life is if they will merely give their lives to Christ. Christians who will not go anywhere or suffer any hardship are giving in to the temptation of Satan to play it safe.Their commitment to Christ is to do anything for Christ as long as it is convenient.

He tempts you with riches. He offers more money to keep you from doing what God wants you to do. That is why so many pastors are only called to higher salaries. They never consider a lower one. God's will seems to be more money, a bigger house and a luxury car. Satan can do anything he wants to with you once he has you looking at money. Jesus said we can't serve two masters. He will keep you from tithing and make you indignant when you hear that it is something you should do which proves who your god is. Money cannot be your god nor the god of your church.

He tempts you with power. He offers you a position that is impressive. He offers you devoted followers. He offers you a dominion. God says that you should be the servant of all to be the greatest in His kingdom. Satan says you should be served by all. It is strange but the person who must have power actually become a slave to it. Satan can keep you from showing who Christ is by giving you power. You will serve him to keep that power.

These are the temptations which Jesus Himself faced when He began His public ministry. Satan knew he must neutralize Jesus quickly. Of course, Jesus came through with flying colors. 

Have you been tempted with one or more of these temptations? If so, you are special. Satan knows that you have a great potential for doing great things in God's kingdom.

Be on your guard Satan is really after you.

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Anonymous said...

You are so smart! Im glad you're my preacher.

J. Sugden