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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Where Is the Love?

I ride a bicycle down the sidewalk to and from my church. Often people will slow down to scream an obscenity at me. I am not in their path nor have I hindered their journey in any way. They just want to pick on someone whom they know cannot do anything about actions. There is no way I can catch up with them. They drive by with impunity.

Why do they do this? What is the thrill? What do they get out of this? Is there a place where guys can go, drink and brag on the number of cyclists they have screamed at? Do they compare their words and compliment each other on their obscenities? Do they have seminars teaching the best ways to scream obscenities at cyclists? I suppose the reasons will always remain a mystery to me.

People often treat each other in a very unloving manner. They do so out of selfishness. They are rude and disrespectful to those whom they look down upon. They continue to see the light of love dim as they treat others badly. 

Is this because they need love but do not feel they are receiving any? They, therefore, act out of their resentment caused by a need not being met. They have no love to share because they are deprived of the love that they need.

It is not uncommon for ministers to act without love. They also think that love should fall where it is needed. Often ministers of the gospel who truly know Jesus do not recognize that Jesus should have been loved but was crucified. He did not react with bitterness. He responded to the lack of love with love. He called us to respond to a world which does not know love with His love. His love can fill the world.

Yet, I cannot see the world responding to this love. Is it because our reputation is not one of love but of judgment? Does the world see us as those who are always telling them what they can't do rather than expressing genuine love to them? Are we telling them that Jesus loves them while not showing any love? I think so. I think we have said we don't really care about you unless you become one of us. I don't think the world thinks this is love. I think they are right.

Where is the love we should express to the grocery store clerk who is just trying to get to the end of her shift? She may not have shown love to you. Shouldn't you show her love anyway? Where is the love that needs to be expressed to the man who renews the tags on your car? You may have waited in a long line but he is there five days a week. Shouldn't you show him some love? Where is the love when you get behind the steering wheel of your car? Yes, there will be others who will act rudely on the highway. You don' t have to speed up to prove their unrighteousness. You don't have to show how important you are. You could show them love instead.

I heard recently that 70% of Americans claim to be Christians. I don't know where that statistic comes from but if it is anywhere near true this country should be full of love for one another. But, where is this love? You tell me.

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