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Monday, March 29, 2010

Failure Comes from Within

A failure is a predetermined goal which was not reached in the allotted time.

Everyone eventually fails at something. Most failures don't hurt us. Some failures help us. Each one should have some level of disappointment but they should never determine our future. Failures don't make us failures. We make ourselves into failures from the inside.

We are failures when we designate ourselves as failures. Failure becomes our future because we predict failure for ourselves. We believe that every endeavor will fail so we do not try anything. It is a guaranteed way to fail. Failure is no possibility of success. There is no possibility for success without trying something that can succeed. You must set goals to be a winner.

We are failures when we think that we can't do anything about our situation. We get into ruts. Ruts are graves with the ends kicked out. We believe we must stay in our rut. It takes a lot less energy to stay in our ruts. You can always do something about your situation. You can ask for help. You can quit what you are doing. You can look forward to getting to the other side of your failure. You can always do something. Doing nothing is a great way to be a failure.

We are failures when we think the failure is final. So, you didn't win the national championship in your senior year. You didn't think your life was over if you won, did you? Surely, you knew that there would be lots more challenges in life after winning the national championship. Why would you believe your life is over when you didn't win the national championship? Neither winning or losing is final. Living in your past will make you a failure regardless of the accomplishment or failure.

Telling yourself that you are a failure will make you one. Words have an incredible affect on us. We will become what others tell us if we will repeat those words to ourselves. There are always a number of people who will tell you that you are a failure. There are some coaches, teachers and parents who are failures themselves who will tell you that you are a failure. Negative people share the infection of failure with others. You must not give into this disease and repeat what they have said to you. Failures always tell themselves that they are failures.

You will be a failure if you stop trying to win. A failure concedes every challenge. You cannot win without a challenge. Failures may start by drawing the line on challenges but failure has a way of slowly eroding all challenges. The failure to seek a promotion will be followed by the failure to learn a new skill. The failure to learn a new skill will be followed by an attempt to make all things routine. The routine will keep you from standing up for yourself because you would fail at that too. Eventually, all failures stop living even though they may continue to trudge through life for many more years.

You do not have to be a failure. Yes, you may be failing at this very moment but that is just because you tried to do something better. Failures don't try to do something better. Your trying proves you are not a failure.

God does not make failures. People make themselves into failures. They work against what God wants to do in their lives and try to live apart from Him. They think this is winning but it is the ultimate loss. Their lives will be meaningless and they will eventually know this.

It is not the circumstances or the times you have failed that make you a failure. All failures are self made.

Romans 8:37 (NKJV)
Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.

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