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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Golden Rule

Matthew 7:12 (ESV)
12 “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.

I just walked outside and retrieved a plastic cup that had been thrown in my yard. Why are people so inconsiderate of others that they do this? Too often, I see people heaving their trash out the windows of their cars. They leave their shopping carts in the middle of the parking lot without taking them to the return bin. They knowingly get in the wrong lane so that they can push ahead of everyone who complied with the signs which said, "Lane closed ahead." 

If I would think there were some really bad times coming to these people if I believed in karma. However, I don't. I don't even believe that they will be openly punished for their selfishness. I believe their selfishness is punishment enough.

Jesus gave the Golden Rule right after saying that God will good things to His children. He punctuates it with a command to do what you wished others would do for you. It is the law of love that prevails here so that those who do evil things to others do not love.

That may not seem too bad to some people. They think that this means that they also don't have the grief of serving people. They are partially right but they also lose love. You see,  people generally love people who love them. They have a hard time loving people who do not exhibit love. 

I know what you are thinking- Jesus loved but people did not love Him. That was because they really didn't know Him either. They saw Him as someone who opposed them and were taking away something that they thought was theirs. They hated Jesus because of who they perceived Him to be. They did not know He loved them.

People who express love to others are loved by those who recognize this love. 

The Golden Rule is the best policy to have. It prevents loneliness. Those who genuinely love, and are not simply trying to manipulate others by their apparent acts of love, attract people. This is why those who get to know Jesus are so attracted to Him. Even those who never become believers are often attracted  to Jesus. So often they refuse to believe because they have observed the unloving actions of those who claim to be His followers. They reject Him based on what they see in others.

So,  the best policy in life is to love others all the time. Love them by doing what you wished they would do for you. Don't try to manipulate others for that isn't love. Genuinely, love them and you can expect that your prayers will be answered.

I dont' see a downside to this.

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Anonymous said...

O no downside, it depends on what one means by downside! It is one thing to help another, not expecting any positive return or applause of men; yet, it is another, to be dragged into trouble; it is possible. It is one thing to say, lend a certain sum of money to another, when you accept non-payment back, for the sum you lent out, is possible; it is another, by helping another, you get implicated into situation where it causes you to bear a lot more than you can reasonably accept.  It can be really painful. I know our actions should be seasoned with wisdom, yet it is possible, in our compassion to help, we give a thing or two, the benefit of doubt, especially, things seemed urgent or pressing.  People do get smitten that way; I did get my fair share of losses, from helping people or being kind to people. Bad experiences in life tend to cause us to turn the other way - no longer want to be made a sucker. I mean we are not looking for praise or applause, but it sure feel terrible to be in trouble for it.

We or I have applied the Golden Rule, but the recipient, did the opposite, harm the person who has been kind to him.  It is really not easy to turn the other side of your face and let the same fellow slap you again for nothing.  If not the same fellow, would you still place your face in position that it can be slapped by another; in other words, would you still help others again, after your bad experience?  Well, I did, and that is why, I used, "I have my fair share"!

Why so gullible? Well, we or I try not to be (gullible), yet we cannot turn a blind eye, can we?  No, we are not supposed to just ignore the Golden Rule; we have to love our neighbor as ourselves; that is a commandment from the Lord.  People cannot be bothered with the Rule or Love commandment, but we cannot; we have to love.  What can we or I do, then?  Tell the Lord-lo. Forgive still-lo. Ask the Lord for help to move on, to be with His peace and joy once again, after all, we are following after the logos will of God, if not, His rhema.

Scripture said, no one is greater than his master; what they did to the master (and they, then, did do it to the Master), they would do it us, the disciples.  Jesus loved, but He was not only not loved, in return, He was repaid persecution and crucifixion. O how, we being disciples may not escape the same, in varying severity.  How real the cost of following the Lord! .....................Yet, I will still, follow you, my Lord and my God.

Anthony Chia, high.expressions